Scientific Activity



The principal scientific activities of the Commission are set forth in the following sections:

  • publication of historical Atlases, redacted in the individual countries, but with homogenous criteria. Recently a strong impulse has been given to the publlication of the historical Atlases with the creation of the Atlas Working Group in order to coordinate the work of the various countries;
  • publication of a Elenchus fontium, an anthology of medieval sources to the year 1250, published separately by country of group of countries;
  • national bibliographies relative to the history of towns, in the past published by printing, then by alternative means, e.g., by circulation of photocopies. Now the present web site proposes a bibliographical collection in computer mode;
  • the Commission as an affiliated member of the Comité International de Sciences Historiques, participates by law in the International Congresses organized by that association, which take place every five years. For completion of this task, every five years there is selected for the General Assembly of the Commission a general theme on which the individual countries work. At the end of the five-year-period, a report which synthesizes the work is presented in a public setting at the International Congress.

  • Work in progress 2011-2015: The City and its Spaces for the XXII International Congress of Historical Sciences (China).

The International Commission for the History of Towns - A short history (1955–2011)
by Ferdinand Opll (PDF)